Bath in general...

The Pulteney Bridge
strangely, the Italianate
architecture blends very well into the Italianate town...

And Bath claims to be genteel?

"Eschewing the more fashionable residences of the Grand Circus, Ben and Mark chose a small house in a yard tucked behind the almshouses for their Bath residence..."


Probably more by luck and guesswork than by scholarship
we translated the inscription over the pump room as meaning "Water is Best" - in my opinion advertising is not at its most effective when written in a language which has not been spoken for over a millenium...

The Royal Crescent at Bath is a masterpiece of Georgian architecture and was clearly created with the period drama industry in mind.

Evening in Bath in autumn - the warmth was fading from the day and the two friends hurried down from the heights of the Royal Crescent to the waiting delights of the coffee houses in the town below.

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