Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey (the last built before the reformation) from the Square in front of the Pump Room and Roman Baths. Angels and Ladders...

Henry VII - king at the time of the building - in his niche above the West Door. Note the dragon and greyhound as supporters in the Royal Arms.

A carved king (?) above one of the Aisle Doors. What enormous thighs - and is that a bottle he is wrestling with? If anyone knows, let us know.

A noble looking georgian on his monument in the Abbey. Bath seems to have been as fashionable a place to die as it was to live.

Ben admiring the great Oak Doors outside the Abbey...

The Tablet on the Tomb of a famous 18th Century Botanist. Portrayed as a Roman (of course) returning home with a, rather twee, posy of spoils...

Another Georgian Notable - this one seems to have been a Naval Man - and has the most enormous nose of any of the monuments in the Abbey.

Ben looking rather like a Trendy Vicar - no doubt expounding on "what we can learn from our pagan predecessors".

The Abbey is remarkably consistent in style, mainly as it was built over such a short period. The original church was east of the current one.

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