A Ride Out - 12 May 2002

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The church from the East - to be precise the view from the bench where I had my lunch. The unusual height of the North Porch is very visible from here - as is the turret carrying the stairs to where the Rood Loft was.

Next to the gravestones in the middle foreground is the grave of The Old Man of Braughing: "In the autumn of 1595 the funeral of Mathew Wall, a resident of Green End, was interrupted when the coffin-bearers, carrying his coffin to church, slipped on leaves in Fleece Lane and dropped the coffin. Then they heard a knocking sound coming from within - Mathew, not dead at all, had been woken by the crash. He went on to live many more years, in the course of which he married. When he finally died, he left provision in his will for Fleece Lane to be swept on 2nd October each year, and for the funeral bell to be tolled, followed immediately by a wedding peal. The ceremony is still carried out every year on 2nd October, which we now call Old Man's Day. School children bring brooms to sweep Fleece Lane; there is a short service at Mathew's grave and the bells are rung."